Deux A

Gravure, collage et relief sur feuille d'aluminium,1972 - (78x65 cm)

“Assemble and paint, paint and assemble, the one pushing the other, continuing in the other, for what is in fact, for him, a sole and unique creation. The act of cutting out, of tearing, that of gluing, that of arranging and that of wielding a paintbrush or a pencil all take part in the same enterprise, that gathers up something that has been seen, something that has been left behind, some such fleeting encounter of images. There is first of all the unity of creation (…)”. In 2001 Pierre Daix perfectly analysed the creative approach of his friend in the book Antoni Clavé Assemblages 1960-1999. The series of engravings on aluminium, of which Deux A is one, dates from 1972. At this time Antoni Clavé is expanding his research, widening his approach and experimenting with ways in which to exploit the assembling of widely varied and often unexpected material in his graphic art. He is also experimenting with different techniques that will lead to his use of embossing and collage. The metallic sheet allows the artist to play with the surface itself: brushed, smoothed, embossed or even pierced and damaged. The colour, be it silver, black, red or green, is reduced to the essential.    

Biennale de Venise 2015
Expo Marlborough 2016
Technique mixte sur feuille d'aluminium