En bleu et noir

Huile et collage sur carton,2002 - (200x200 cm)

En bleu et noir is a large scale work (2 x 2 m) which is emblematic of Clavé’s evolution as a painter and his fabulous mastery of large formats (whether polyptych or not). It was Aragon who had conceived and analysed the notion of painting having to face the challenge presented by collage, referring to the compositions made by pasting paper as invented by Braque and Picasso. Clavé responded to Aragon’s call throughout forty years of his own creations, from the first canvases of the 1960’s that mixed both oil painting and collage to his final works of the early 2000’s.  As for colour, it is the very heart of Clavé’s art for he felt it to be the language of painting itself. In the final years of his work, the palette becomes restrained, focusing on black, white, blue. En bleu et noir is a lesson in audacity and modernity executed by a young man of 90 who grabs the viewer and ushers him into his artistic universe.    

Huile et collage sur carton
Papiers collés