Il revient caché

Huile et collage sur toile,1997 - (165x180 cm)

When Aragon conceived and analysed the notion of collage being a challenger to painting he had in mind the compositions made of pasted paper as invented by Braque and Picasso. Clavé heard Aragon’s same call throughout his forty years of creation, from the first canvases of the 1960’s that mixed both oil and collage to his final works of the early 2000’s. Il revient caché is composed of a subtle assembling of different materials and the juxtaposition of different techniques: paper that is glued, torn, transferred with a myriad of painting techniques. The resulting composition is dynamic and complex, inviting the viewer into an intense whirlwind of imagery. In his final years of painting, the palette employed by Antoni Clavé becomes more constrained, concentrating on black, white and blue.  Il revient caché is the link that connects the final oeuvres which are just as dynamic but more monochromatic in colour, as witnessed by En bleu et noir of 2002.

Pablo Picasso
Papiers collés
Technique mixte sur toile