Porte catalane

Bronze,1986 - (206x105 cm)

This monumental sculpture is made up of wood planks, a woven straw rug and a rudder. These are all objects that have been diverted from their original purpose (packing crates, floor covering and tools for steering a boat) and transformed into a work of art, which, in essence has no utility other than being put on display.

The present sculpture perfectly illustrates the personal preference of Antoni Clavé, a master in the art of assemblage, for the accumulation of a variety of material and the transformation of what otherwise would be considered junk. The artist plays with common materials, rerouting them to give them new life. By moving from wood to bronze the work is given a certain solemnity, which invites the viewer to see these ordinary objects in a different light. Monumental and severe, the centre of the symmetrical composition made up of different types of wood evokes the coat of arms of Catalonia with its four red stripes on a gold ground. This coherent and unified ensemble exudes an impression of austerity. The one element of distortion is the boat rudder to which the viewer is immediately drawn. It bears mention that during his entire life, Clavé remained very attached to Barcelona and his birthplace, thus the Senyera (its flag) was equally an important source of inspiration for his painting.