César Clavé Richier

From 10 February to 22 April 2023, the Clavé Fine Art Gallery will bring together, for the first time in a single exhibition, three leading 20th century artists: César, Antoni Clavé and Germaine Richier. 

Through a display of paintings, works on paper, engravings and sculptures, the exhibition retraces the course of their profound friendships and sheds light on the artistic process of the three artists in post-war Montparnasse. Germaine Richier was a sculptor-modeler, like her teacher Bourdelle before her and like Giacometti. The artistic connection between Richier and Clavé is thus not technical but iconographic. Antoni Clavé was not a sculptor in the traditional sense of the term. He was an assembler, sometimes referred to as an “assemblagist”. He was the link between his two friends. César had a fervent admiration for Germaine Richier and their respective work broached similar themes but he was never a sculptor-modeler either. An assembler like Clavé, he was a sculptor-welder and then a sculptor-compressor.

Three artists, three friends, three singular relationships with the medium, brought together at Clavé Fine Art, which was once César’s studio and which has housed the Archives Antoni Clavé since 2018.

Exhibition on view until 22 April 2023 at the Clavé Fine Art gallery